Metatarsal Injury

What is Metatarsal Injury?

Metatarsal injuries are the most common traumatic foot injuries causing debilitating pain and lost work time.

The Metatarus consists of the five long bones of the foot, which are numbered from the medial side. The larger of these bones, the OS metatarsale 1 is the most exposed and is more likely to be damaged from contact by a heavy load. This bone is the metatarsal attached to the “great toe” or big toe and the bone that is responsible for distribution of weight when walking. The remaining four bones, OS metatarsale 2 – 5 are attached in turn to the remaining four toes of the foot and assist with balance when walking. These bones are protected by the Kanga Tuff- MetGuard to reduce or prevent injury.

Industries with highest number of Metatarsal injuries:

Manufacturing & Fabrication
Transport & Storage
Retail & Trade
Property & Business Services

Of these industries:

Trades people
Plant & Machine operators
Sales & personal service

Metatarsal Injury facts:

  • Is a devastating personal injury
  • Painful and debilitating
  • Requires a long term rehabilitation process
  • Usually a long Lost Time Injury (LTI)
  • Results in high costs to employers for workers downtime
  • Falling and rolling objects account for more than 73% of all injuries to the feet.
  • Most injuries are caused by objects weighing less than 20kg falling less than 1 metre.
  • 23% of foot injuries that occur to people wearing steel toe cap footwear is damage to the Metatarsal area

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